McKEE – The Lord’s Gym of Jackson County Anti-drug Coalition was recently able to help support the J.C.H.S. Archery Team by awarding them $1,500 funding from Operation UNITE.

The funds were given to the school so that the team’s coach, Matt Vickers, would be able to purchase needed equipment for the team. The award was made by Neal Broadus, Lord’s Gym Chairman, and Dawn Lang, who is the Jackson County Public Schools’ UNITE Substance Abuse Counselor, as well as being the Substance Abuse Education and Prevention Director for the Lord’s Gym.

The J.C.H.S. Archery Team was started as part of the “National Archery in the Schools Program”, which Operation UNITE recommends to schools as a way to get children involved in an activity that promotes drug free living. Archery programs have also proven to be a good way to improve student’s attendance in school, and to get them to be more focused on their school work.

The Lord’s Gym Anti-drug Coalition, through a partnership with Operation UNITE, is able to secure funding for various anti-drug programs and activities through mini-grants given out locally by the coalition. The J.C.H.S. Archery Team was one of the local programs chosen by the coalition to receive support.

For more information about the Lord’s Gym of Jackson County Anti-drug Coalition and the programs they support, please call Broadus at 364-2218 or 287-LORD(5673).