McKEE – On Friday, Feb. 25, The Lord’s Gym had their first “Family Fun Night”, which was sponsored by CAP/Camp A.J., the Title 1 Parent Involvement Program and the Lord’s Gym of Jackson County Anti-drug Coalition.

Seventy people of all different ages came out with their family and friends to compete in nonsense games to win great prizes. Each of the teams competed in two group games, eight individual games and a dessert contest.

Two of the entertaining individual games were entitled “Penny Pantyhose” and “Cookie Scrunch.” During “Penny Pantyhose,” one individual from each team put on a pair of women’s pantyhose with a penny at each foot. In one minute, they retrieved the pennies to receive points for their team. In “Cookie Scrunch” one individual placed an Oreo cookie on their forehead. Once placed, the individual had one minute to get the cookie from their forehead to their mouth simply by scrunching their face. They received points if this task was completed in under a minute. This is just a few of the games that brought families and friends together for the evening.

Each of the teams were competing for prizes that included $50 gift cards to Walmart, $10 PRTC calling cards, Hill Top Pizzas, $25 to IGA, $5 to Save-a-Lot and more. The Lord’s Gym wants to thank PRTC, Hill Top, Wal-mart (Berea & London), Save-A-Lot, IGA, Jackson County Flowers, Miller’s Flower’s, Dairy Queen, Frosty-ette, Subway, Chiropractic Health Solutions and CAP for their generous prize donations.

Everyone at the event gave it their all, but only the top four teams were able to win the bags of prizes.

The first place team was named “White Boys Can Jump” and was comprised of Dylan Lakes,
Cody Byrd, Josh Horn, Dylan Stone and Jordan Stone. The second place team was named “The Winners,” the third place team was named “The Brotherhood,” and the fourth place team was named “The Misfits.” The dessert contest winner was Darlene Gabbard for her delicious lemon pudding cake.

Everyone had a great time at the event. Keep an eye out for more events to come soon at the Lord’s Gym.