Innocorp, Ltd., of Verona, Wisconsin, conducted a Fatal Vision Marijuana Goggles demonstration training December 1-2, 2015, at the National Guard ERAD headquarters in London. A total of 80 members of the Kentucky National Guard, Kentucky State Police, UNITE Service Corps and UNITE staff attended the trainings.

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The purpose of the training was to show how using fact-based information students can make good decisions about marijuana use. The lessons are designed to reflect the impairments caused by marijuana use — such as delayed reaction, paranoid behavior, short-term memory, perception, thinking, reasoning and motor coordination.

Making youth aware of the things that could happen is an important awareness effort, said Tim Jorgensen. The goggles do not make you “high,” they reflect the characteristics of impairment.

Developed with educators and drug recognition experts, the Fatal Vision goggles provide “an experience of cognitive impairment associated with recreational marijuana use and demonstrate susceptibility” to the impacts.

Parts of the program will be implemented into UNITE’s “On The Move!” prevention program.