My name is Casey Reed. I am 34 years young and have resided in London, KY, most of my days. I enjoyed throwing the sickest parties, having the loudest truck, and having the baddest women around me shortly after the age of 18. I have seen many clubs, bars, dance floors, spring breaks, as well as many church houses.

I have always had the best Christian and hard-working family anyone could ask for. I was not raised to venture on to the paths I chose, yet I fell into heavy drug use after I found myself surrounded by my failures. My drug use swept me into doing things outside of how I was raised.

I picked up some pretty hefty charges around 2011 in which I took and graduated a Drug Court program. It was a good program.

After three years clean, I found myself in trouble at home. I went back to my old habits, realized that I had to fix myself so I straightened back up, but it was too late. Domestic charges violated my probation and back to jail I went. I was battling extreme mental and betrayal issues so I turned to God’s word while in the local jail. I started to obtain a little peace on the inside.

The more I read God’s word, the better I slept. I chose to go to Isaiah House, and luckily the Judge decided to send me. An Operation UNITE voucher helped me financially.

When I walked into Isaiah House I was greeted with open arms from people suffering similar troubles. I laid it all down that day and gave it to God. I didn’t know if I would even come back home to London. Through their program and my willingness to go beyond their standards by constantly reading, doing step work, and having dorm discussions late at night, I found something much larger than my problem.

I found a man that laid his life down for me, and for you. This man spoke to me through people, readings, and paintings- it was totally unreal, but it is real. It is hard for me to explain exactly what has happened to me on the inside since going through the Isaiah House Program.

Today I live back at my home, around the same family and friends, having my same self-employed job with a totally different perspective. I have over a year clean, and I truly don’t deserve the life I’ve been given. I owe all of the glory to God.