On the outside, it appeared as if I kept myself together. On the inside, there was a hopelessness that consumed me. I spent years of my life destroying everything and everyone that was in my path. I finally reached the point where I realized that I had destroyed myself as well.

Growing up, I wanted to fit in. I wanted everyone to like me. I wanted everyone’s approval. I spent years searching for it, and still never found it. Instead, I found myself consumed by a drug addiction. This addiction made me believe that death was the answer to my problems. I dropped out of college, lost my job and my car, and sold everything I owned just so that I could survive from one day to the next. I destroyed my future, ruined relationships with my family members, and lost numerous friends from overdoses.

A few years later, I was finally arrested. After an exhausting eight months in the county jail, I was given the opportunity to go to Hope City, a faith-based rehabilitation center for women in Barbourville. Although I desperately needed help, I still hated who I was and what I had done. I felt that my future was ruined, hopeless, and nonexistent.

And then the Lord made himself known to me, and my life has been forever changed by Him. He has restored my soul and has opened doors that I thought were forever shut. I currently work at the rehab I graduated from, I am back in college and on the path to graduate from Union College this May with a degree in psychology and substance abuse counseling. I’ve been able to restore every relationship that I once destroyed, and more importantly, I’ve been given the opportunity to share the love and power of Jesus Christ.

I am so thankful that the Lord has placed me where I am, for the people that He has provided to help guide me, and for UNITE which provides not only a voice of hope, but vouchers for those who are seeking treatment. … Because I was one of them.