My name is Jennifer Cromer. I am an addict in recovery. My clean date is July 29, 2014.

I had been using drugs/alcohol for over 16 years. I was tired of being the way that I was. I was tired of being a needle junkie. I was tired of being a worthless dopehead. I was tired of bringing shame to my family. I was tired of hurting and disappointing my daughters. I was tired of living.

The first picture is my mugshot: Jan. 19, 2014. I was 97 pounds — nothing but emptiness. The second is when I overdosed and was left for dead: May 27, 2014.

Thankfully GOD wasn’t done with me. When I went for my court date, Judge Woods ordered me to do 90 days in a treatment facility. I was sent on a UNITE voucher to Hope In the Mountains in Prestonsburg. I can remember walking in to the rehab. I had no idea what to expect all. I knew was this was my only hope.

The counselors there made me feel safe, loved, and cared for. They believed in me. They taught me that I’m not alone and that I don’t ever have to pick up dope again No Matter What!

I’ve fought hard to get where I am today and to be who I am. I have been able to rebuild relationships with my family and my daughters. I have GOD in my life today. I’m married to an amazing man who doesn’t judge me or raise his hands to me.

I am a wife, a mom, a MiMi, a daughter and a granddaughter … most of all, I’m a survivor.

I am beyond grateful for UNITE!