The National Drug Control Strategy, which establishes the President’s priorities for addressing the challenge of drug trafficking and use, was released Thursday, January 31, 2019, by the White House Office on National Drug Control Policy.

“This Strategy provides the strategic direction necessary for the Federal government to build a stronger, healthier, drug-free society today and in the years to come by drastically reducing the number of Americans losing their lives to drug addiction,” according to ONDCP Director James W. Carroll. “The overarching goal of the Strategy is to save lives by engaging in a comprehensive approach that includes preventing initiates to drug use, promoting treatment services leading to long-term recovery, and aggressively reducing the availability of illicit drugs in America’s communities.”

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In announcing the release, Director Carroll stated:

“The President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioids Crisis stated that ‘substance abuse prevention is a process which requires a shift in behavior, culture, and community norms.’ This will require ongoing efforts with a holistic approach. Families, communities, faith organizations, education, and mass media all play a role in supporting this process. The Strategy emphasizes the importance of preventing drug use before it begins with early intervention and evidence-based programming with a focus on at-risk youth populations. We will also look to improve the effectiveness of prescription drug monitoring plans (PDMPs) by enhancing integration and data-sharing, and encouraging mandatory PDMP checks.”

“Addiction is a chronic disease that affects the brain, and individuals with substance use disorders deserve to be treated with dignity. We know that treatment works and that recovery is possible. The Administration will continue to stand with and support Americans in recovery. There needs to be more hiring opportunities for people in recovery, and increased access to diversion courts and peer recovery networks including collegiate and high school recovery programs. We must
be relentless in reducing the stigma of addiction.”

“Almost all illicit drugs used in the United States are produced outside of the country and then trafficked in across the Nation’s borders. We must use all available tools and resources to stem the flow of illicit drugs into our country, including increasing border security and enhancing coordination between law enforcement to reduce the availability of drugs. We need to work closely with our international partners, harden access points that drug traffickers use to enter America and proactively develop new means of drug detection.”

“We know you work tirelessly each day to make your community safer and healthier, and this Strategy supports your efforts. It includes essential steps that must be taken to reverse the impact drugs are having on our country. By empowering Federal, state, local and Tribal groups, we will be better positioned to collaborate and generate impactful results as we continue to address the country’s addiction crisis. Most importantly, the Strategy allows you – those on the front lines of this crisis – to respond in a way that meets your community’s needs.”

“President Trump has clearly stated that ‘we will work to strengthen vulnerable families and communities, and we will help to build and grow a stronger, healthier, and drug-free society.’ The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy looks forward to a sustained partnership with you as we work together on these shared goals in the months and years to come.”