Citizens Attacking Addiction (CAA), a community coalition serving the Louisville metro area, has plans to model UNITE’s Treatment Voucher program.

Known as LIFT (Louisville Initiative For Treatment), the program – funded by private-sector donations – would provide financial assistance for individuals to obtain long-term residential treatment for substance use disorders. CAA hopes to have LIFT up and running by the first quarter of 2020.

Members of the UNITE Treatment Team shared details of UNITE’s initiative with CAA representatives on Friday, August 9. Discussion included day-to-day operation, structure, policies, treatment facility qualifications, staffing, potential pitfalls to avoid, and strategies that have worked well.

Participating in the meeting were CAA Executive Director Arlene “Shy” Rice, CAA members Mike and Karen McQuade, UNITE President & CEO Nancy Hale, Treatment Referral Coordinator Jennifer Witt, Treatment Assistant Brent Baker, and Treatment Assessment Coordinator Dawn Lang.

CAA is also piloting a Casey’s Law Assessment Scholarship Program (CLASP) for those needing financial assistance to pay for the two required healthcare evaluations required for the involuntary treatment referral program.

Operation UNITE has been invited to display the Hope Wall at a kick-off luncheon scheduled for October 23 at the University Club in Louisville.

Citizens Attacking Addiction is an independent, non-political, and volunteer group of Louisville citizens driven by an allegiance to work together to improve their community and to see fewer lives lost to addiction. The group formed approximately two years ago in response to the increasing rate of drug-related overdose deaths.

For more information about CAA, call 502-625-6163 or send an email through