Pain and depression led William Anderson to turn to drugs to fill the void. Instead, drugs landed him in jail and made him lose his family. They made him lose everything.

The loss and destruction that began in his 20s was making him tired. He was done with life. William prayed. He asked God for help.

Then he was arrested.

Instead of prison, the judge sent him to treatment at Addiction Recovery Care.

William has spent 16 months in treatment and recovery.

When he started in Phase 1, he was surrounded by people who hugged him, expressed love, and provided positive affirmation. William rejected it at first because he did not know what it was. He had not experienced those things.

At the end of Phase I of treatment, a light turned on. He realized that he wanted to do an internship there and work in treatment for a living.

William recently received his certification as a peer support specialist and works for Addiction Recovery Care.

“It’s been blessing after blessing,” William said. “I have my own place, own a car, and my family has been restored. God keeps opening doors.”

His message to others, like his own story, is filled with hope: “Don’t give up. There is hope. There is a way out. It starts with you. You have to want it for yourself. It is an everyday struggle, but with God, all things are possible. You just have to put God first.”