Jill had a great childhood. She was an only child with great parents – raised with spiritual values and no reason to use drugs.  

But, in high school, she felt awkward and defiant. She wanted the wrong people to like her and wanted to fit in.  Ultimately, she used drugs because she liked the way it made her feel. 

So, she turned to drinking and smoking marijuana. Then came whatever was available – recreational drugs, speed, opiates. What started out as a “glamorous lifestyle” became 25 years of shallow living.  

“I found myself in bad places with the wrong people doing bad things,” Jill said, adding she caused a lot of heartache and damage to her family and her community of Somerset. “I was desperate and hopeless.” 

At age 42, Jill was arrested for possession of meth. After several probation violations, Jill was sent to a residential treatment program for substance use. She spent 14 months at Cumberland Hope Community with six months as a Peer Mentor. With God, 12 steps, and a program of recovery, she has been sober since Oct. 9, 2015. 

Jill transitioned back to Somerset, where she eventually was hired at SkyHope Recovery Center and has been Phase 2 Coordinator since 2018.  She enjoys being able to work in the recovery field and help others who struggle with substance use. 

Since her time in recovery, she has been able to restore relationships with her family and her community. “We do recover,” Jill said. “You just have to take that step of reaching out and asking for help. There are now so many pathways to recovery. Help is always available.”