Coalition Resources

Coalition Action Plan Guide Available

Funding for UNITE coalition activities that strengthen each coalition’s drug prevention and awareness efforts are provided through an Action Plan process. Policies covering requests for coalition activities to be conducted beginning July 1, 2019 are detailed in the 2019-20 UNITE Coalition Action Plan Projects & Expenditures Guide (18-page PDF).

Coalition Contacts

Download a Coalition Coordinator Contacts flyer click here. Updated 4-4-19


Action Plan Forms – 2019-20

Action Plan Budget Form

This form is used to provide an itemized listing of all items requested for your proposed project. Reimbursements will not be issued for any expense not listed on this form.

Download this form as a Doc or PDF

Action Plan Funding Request Form

This form is used to describe your proposed project in detail so that it may be considered by UNITE for funding.

Download this form as a Doc  or PDF

Action Plan Reimbursement Request Form

This form is required to be submitted to your Coalition Coordinator upon the completion of each project. Receipts for expenditures approved on your Action Plan Budget Form must be submitted with this form.

Download this form as a Doc or PDF

Event Sign-in Sheet

UNITE requires that coalitions provide sign-in sheets to register participants at all events. This is a sample sheet that contains requested information and may be duplicated.

Download this form as a PDF

Logo/Branding Details

UNITE requires that all items purchased with Action Plan funding (T-shirts, brochures, magnets, etc.) to display the UNITE Logo and, whenever possible, certain contact numbers. This form shows the preferred and acceptable options.

Download this form as a PDF

Request A Speaker

Need a UNITE representative to be a speaker, conduct a training presentation, or set up a display for your organization or community event? You may download this form (PDF) or complete an on-line request form. Speaker requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to your event date.