Abuse, misuse, diversion and illegal sale of prescription drugs are some of the largest threats facing the safety and welfare of the citizens of Kentucky.

RX_BottlesThe Kentucky All-Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting (KASPER) system tracks controlled substance prescriptions dispensed within Kentucky. A KASPER report shows all Schedule II-V prescriptions for an individual over a specified time period, the prescriber, and the dispenser.

On March 16, 2005, Kentucky became the first state in the nation to put into operation a self-service, on-line system for tracking prescriptions of pain pills and other potentially addictive drugs. Information that used to take weeks to obtain is now available within 15 minutes.

Access to KASPER reports is carefully controlled through credential checks and secure Web access. Only medical doctors treating a current patient, pharmacists, law enforcement officers with active drug-related investigations, licensure boards for investigating a licensee, Medicaid officials for utilization review on recipients, grand juries by subpoena, and judges are allowed to obtain reports. Improper use of eKASPER is a felony offense.

KASPER has five primary objectives:

  • Identify those responsible for diverting controlled prescription drugs.
  • Identify prescribing practices and educate prescribers on those practices.
  • Reduce the adverse effects of prescription drug abuse.
  • Reduce the quantity of drugs available through a practice called “doctor shopping” – when a person visits more than one physician to obtain a prescription.
  • Increase the coordination and efficiency of law enforcement investigations.

Kentucky’s KASPER system, considered a national model, is administered by the Drug Enforcement and Professional Practices Branch of the Office of Inspector General. To learn more about KASPER click here.