UNITE Detectives

UNITE LEN Badge copyUNITE employs two full-time detectives who are permanently assigned to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration as Special Agents in the London Residency Office. Their daily responsibilities include conducting mid- to upper-level investigations.

In addition, UNITE employs a Law Enforcement Manager who oversees the Medication Drop Box program, toll-free Drug Tip Line, and coordinates a “buy-money” initiative that assists local law enforcement agencies with street-level drug investigations that have the potential to lead to federal cases.

UNITE is a partner with Kentucky National Guard counter-drug program.


When Congressman Hal Rogers created UNITE’s three-pronged approach in 2003, our initial focus was to implement a strong regional law enforcement presence concentrating primarily on street-level investigations. Regular roundups of drug suspects quickly helped to spread word about UNITE and cast light on this terrible scourge infecting our region.

In 2005, UNITE became only the second drug task force in the state to be accredited by the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police (KACP). The task force – at one time 32 detectives strong – operated under an interlocal agreement giving them arrest powers in each county within UNITE’s service region. Detectives focused on quality drug interdiction, confiscation and undercover operations in conjunction with city, county, state and federal police agencies. KACP Accreditation was maintained until 2015.

UNITE’s first roundup took place on April 6, 2004, with police seeking 210 suspected drug dealers in the eight-county Kentucky River area. At the time it was the largest such operation in Kentucky’s history. On October 28, 2009, UNITE had one-fifth of the cases in “Operation Flamingo Road” – a federal, state and local law enforcement effort to arrest 518 individuals suspected of obtaining and/or distributing prescription pills from Florida.

From inception through 2015, UNITE Drug Task Force detectives:

  • Removed nearly $12.6 million worth of drugs from the street.
  • Arrested nearly 4,500 individuals.
  • Achieved a conviction rate of 97.2%.