Addicted: A Dose of Reality

This program is currently not available.

While no one wants to think negatively about their children, it’s extremely likely your child will be exposed to drugs before they become teenagers.

“Addicted: A Dose of Reality” is a hard-hitting community education program designed to give parents, caregivers, teachers and others who are around children in their lives the truth about the dangers and availability of drugs.

Combining compelling testimonies from recovering addicts and parents of addicts, “Addicted” provides authentic, timely, and relevant information about drug addiction and substance use disorders. Because of the nature of this presentation, it is recommended for adults only.

This program can be tailored for one- to two-hour presentations and combines five key elements:

  • Parenting techniques
  • The science of addiction
  • Awareness of drugs relevant to your community
  • Drug trends in your area
  • Treatment and Recovery options


  • To schedule an “Addicted: A Dose of Reality” presentation contact Debbie Trusty, or 606-889-0422.