UNITE Coalitions

The backbone of Operation UNITE is its 32 – soon to be 33 with the addition of Bath County in the fall of 2023 – anti-drug community coalitions. UNITE Coalitions work to implement education and treatment initiatives while supporting the investigative component within their counties.

A coalition is a formal alliance of organizations, groups and agencies coming together for a common goal. Each entity retains its own identity, but all agree to help build a safe, healthy, and drug-free community.

The overall goals of a UNITE coalition are to empower communities and to raise awareness about drug addiction in order to change community norms regarding substance use disorders. To do this successfully, coalitions must have multiple strategies that will bring together the various sectors of their local society.

Local problems require local solutions. The first step is to acknowledge that your community does, indeed, have a drug problem. It is vital to provide consistent messages; address the community as a whole, as well as engage individuals. Brainstorm ways that during the course of your normal life you can impact community norms. (For example, a physician looks for ways to impact their patients and address the problem of addiction with their clients.)

To change the community it is vital to change systems such as the judicial, medical, political and educational sectors. UNITE coalitions offer a variety of ways for concerned citizens to become involved in fighting the drug epidemic in southern and eastern Kentucky. Through the involvement of the different committees, lives will be changed and hope revived in your community.

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How To Become Involved

If you would like more information on how to become involved complete the on-line “I Want To Make A Difference” form.