Drug-Free Workplace Training

UNITE provides free Drug-Free Workplace trainings for employees and staff on substance use disorders, signs & symptoms of drug use, and effects on drugs in the work place.

Participants in the training will gain knowledge of the disease of addiction, company Drug Testing Policy (where applicable), company EAP Program (where applicable), supervisor responsibilities in maintaining a drug-free workplace, employee responsibilities in maintaining a drug-free workplace, costs of drug use in the workplace, and where to get help.

The training, which has been given at more than two dozen different companies, lasts about 1 hour.


“There’s a business case to be made to be a part of this solution.”

Adam Meier

Former Secretary, Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Services, 6-24-19

The Cost to Businesses

  • Economic research has found a strong link between rising opioid prescriptions and declining workforce participation rates, estimating that nearly half of men age 25 to 54 who are not in the workforce take pain medication daily and that there is a higher rate of absenteeism among opioid abusers who work. (Lexington Herald-Leader, July 19, 2019)
  • Large employers spent $2.6 billion to treat opioid addiction in 2016 (Kaiser Family Foundation). More than half of that amount was spent on treating employees’ children (USA Today).
  • Spending by large employers to treat opioid addiction has risen eight-fold since 2004 (Kaiser Family Foundation).