Hope Wall

The Hope Wall was created to celebrate a person’s sobriety from an addiction and to give others struggling through a loved one’s substance use disorder hope to reclaim their lives.

The 20-foot long Hope Wall features approximately 200 photos of individuals who are now in long-term recovery and living sober lives.

Unveiled in August 2013, the wall demonstrates that addiction has no boundaries; all walks of life are affected.

“Even though this truly is the ‘crisis next door,’ it can be hard to put a face to the opioid crisis because it alone claimed 42,000 lives — 42,000 victims — in 2016 alone.”

– Jim Carroll, Director, White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, 6-7-2018

Share your celebration of recovery

Anyone who has been free from drugs and in recovery for at least 18 months is eligible to be featured on the Hope Wall.

Schedule the Hope Wall

The Hope Wall is available to display at various locations and events. For more information about the HOPE Wall or to schedule a display in your community contact Dale Morton at dmorton@certertech.com or 606-271-0624.