This initiative is still in the development phase.

Program Summary

Naloxone-Plus offers a more comprehensive lifesaving intervention by utilizing naloxone to decrease overdose death rates and increase education about treatment availability to those at risk of continued addiction. UNITE offers the availability, distribution, and education of naloxone, coupled with prevention efforts, within its 33-county service region.

Naloxone-Plus is more than harm reduction to prevent overdose. Naloxone “stops the bleeding,” but is insufficient to resolve the underlying substance use that potentially leads to death. And it certainly does not prevent initial drug use.

The “Plus” added to this program ensures that anyone provided with naloxone – at a training or at a no-contact dispensing site – will receive education on treatment options and funding, and direct lines to resources and support. UNITE will deploy personnel to advocate prevention while working to overcome the stigma of naloxone use, teach proper administration of naloxone, and serve as contacts for treatment resources.

The primary goal is increased access to naloxone and the means to obtain treatment. Narcan® 4mg and Kloxxado 8mg will be distributed with a breadth and creativity that is first of its kind in our Commonwealth. Naloxone will be made available at places where people congregate, to schools, libraries, funeral homes, discount stores, marinas, churches, transitional housing, music venues, and direct-to-consumer for non-biased, easy accessibility.

Medication is shipped to UNITE from a Kentucky-based mail order pharmacy, HealthWarehouse. The Florence-based Health Warehouse has been accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® for Digital Pharmacy and is licensed/accredited with all 50 State Boards of Pharmacy.