UNITE Clubs – designed for students in grades 4-12 – help youth develop healthy attitudes and behaviors by learning and practicing life skills, enhancing academic performance, connecting peers, adults, communities and learning through service. Youth are involved in developing and conducting activities designed to help make their schools and communities healthy and drug-free as well as mentoring younger students.


About UNITE Clubs

Operation UNITE recommends that clubs be broken down by grades – elementary, middle and high – because children are often more comfortable around others of the same age. Club members agree to educate themselves and their peers in the importance of remaining drug free, and to help raise awareness about the dangers of illegal substance abuse and all the issues that surround drug abuse.

Registered UNITE Clubs can be reimbursed up to $500 per school year for allowable resources to assist with projects and activities. Each club must participate in:

  • At least one club activity of their choice
  • At least one mentoring activity
  • At least one community service project

UNITE Clubs operate like any other club or organization. They must be authorized through the principal and have a school staff member assigned as a sponsor. Clubs should meet at least monthly during pre-approved school times or in an after-school setting if transportation is provided.

No student should be denied membership because of past drug use or reputation. In fact, discussions of past drug use is strongly discouraged; the most important consideration is that all members be committed to being drug-free.

While the challenges of youth development are both immense and complex, school systems have an ability to instill deep, lasting changes in people’s lives. Research shows that teens are starting to experiment with drugs at earlier ages. Every young person is at risk.

The use of illicit drugs has serious costs for young people. It not only affects judgment and can lead to involvement in other risky actions, but it can also impair a young person’s ability to reach his or her goals by slowing academic progress, impairing athletic performance and affecting the ability to function in the workplace.

“I Am UNITE” Scholarships

Privately-funded $1,500 scholarships to be used for post-secondary education expenses are available to high school seniors who have been involved in UNITE Clubs, Camp UNITE, or who have been impacted by substance abuse.

Scholarship packets for 2021-22 school year are now available.

UNITE Club Members By Year

Click on school year to see the list of registered UNITE Clubs.

School Year Clubs Counties Students
2021-22 (Updated 3-14-22) 141 25 7,934
2020-21 135 25 6,676
2019-20 165 26 9,462
2018-19 146 25 10,215
2017-18 127 23 9,719
2016-17 96 24 7,068
2015-16 96 22 7,440
2014-15 88 25 7,528
2013-14 105 26 8,639
2012-13 118 26 9,472
2011-12 95 23 6,841
2010-11 113 28 6,762
2009-10 121 31 6,414
2008-09 79 25 3,676
2007-08 121 29 6,891
2006-07 98 28 5,346+
2005-06 33 18 2,135+

UNITE Clubs of the Year Announced

UNITE Club“UNITE Club of the Year” winners for the 2020-21 school year have been selected. Each of the 10 winning clubs were chosen for their outstanding efforts and accomplishments as submitted in a scrapbook showing their activities, service projects, and mentoring activities completed by club members throughout the school year.

View photos of award presentations.

These winning clubs are eligible for an additional $500 in funding during the 2021-22 school year:

  • Black Mountain Elementary School, grades 4-5 (Harlan County)
  • Black Mountain Elementary School, grades 6-8 (Harlan County)
  • Fairview Elementary School (Boyd County)
  • Highland Elementary School (Johnson County)
  • Hunter Hills Elementary School (Laurel County)
  • Mt. Vernon Elementary School (Rockcastle County)
  • Pikeville High School (Pike County)
  • Rockcastle County High School (Rockcastle County)
  • Rockcastle County Middle School (Rockcastle County)
  • Valley Elementary School (Pike County)

2021-22 Club Forms

Please use these updated UNITE Club Forms when registering for the 2021-22 school year. All clubs are required to submit new registration forms each school year.

Drug-Free Pledge Certificate

Available as 8.5″x11″ full-color certificate

Club Registration Form

Project/Activity Proposal Form

Meeting/Activity Report Form

Reimbursement and Payment Request Form

Volunteer Service Form

Service Hours Report Form