UNITE logo


Meaning of the UNITE swirl logo

The starburst image of the UNITE logo depicts the citizens of our region in a spiral of despair, their lives spinning out of control and into a central pit due to the impact of illegal and abused prescription drugs.

  • The overall star shape alludes to law enforcement.
  • The four gold images reflect individuals crying out for help.
  • The blue image represents an escape from the bonds of drug abuse as an eagle – symbolizing freedom from addiction – intervenes on behalf of the people.

Usage Guidelines

To protect the program’s integrity, the UNITE logo may only be used by a recognized UNITE coalition or a coalition partner to promote that group’s anti-drug events and activities. Any individual, organization, or publication not affiliated with UNITE wishing to utilize the logo must obtain prior written authorization. This includes use of the logo as links on websites.

Media outlets are invited to display the logo with stories about UNITE or with Public Service Announcements (PSAs) whenever possible.

The starburst image and words “Operation UNITE” are to be considered one element and must be used together in either the horizontal or vertical format. Logos may be increased or decreased in size, but must retain the original proportions.

Different fonts may not be substituted for the words when used as part of the logo. The word “Operation” is Frutiger 55 Roman font and the word “UNITE” is Berthold Baskerville Book font. The logo should never be combined with another mark. Drop shadow, bevels or other effects should not be added.

In order to provide greater visibility within the community, the UNITE logo should be used on any official coalition materials, including official websites, brochures, fliers and stationary. In addition, whenever possible, the logo should be used on promotional materials (such as T-shirts, hats, pencils, and give-away items), program banners and yard signs. (See UNITE Coalition Usage Guidelines.) However, before the logo may be used, a detailed sample or art board proof must be submitted to UNITE for approval and authorization.

Acceptable Colors

There are five acceptable color variations of the UNITE logo:

  • Two-color using PMS 539 blue (HEX# 002B45) and PMS 1245 gold (HEX# BF940D).
  • One-color using PMS 539 blue on light backgrounds.
  • One-color using PMS 1245 gold on light or dark backgrounds.
  • One-color black on light backgrounds.
  • One-color white on dark backgrounds.

Changes to the existing color scheme are not permitted. Should the PMS colors not be available, you may use CMYK blended colors – Blue: C-100, M-49, Y-0, K-70 and Gold: C-0, M-21, Y-100, K-18.

High resolution logos are available as Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), Portable Document Format (PDF), Portable Network Graphic (PNG), or Tagged-Image File Format (TIFF) files by contacting Communications Director Dale Morton at dmorton@OperationUNITE.org or by calling 606-330-1400.