UNITE Programs & Initiatives


A free, week-long leadership/adventure camp for students who have completed the sixth, seventh, or eighth grades.

UNITE Service Corps

A nationally-recognized AmeriCorps program providing math tutoring, drug prevention education, and wellness curricula to elementary school students.


School-based anti-drug education/prevention clubs featuring peer mentoring and community service components for students in grades 4-12.

Community Coalitions

The backbone of Operation UNITE is its 33 anti-drug community coalitions that work to implement education and treatment initiatives while supporting the investigative component.

Shoot Hoops Not Drugs

Regional camps for school-aged youth utilizing basketball skills instruction to provide drug prevention messages. A brief informational program on a trending issue is conducted for parents/guardians.

“On The Move!”

One-of-a-kind mobile prevention initiative utilizing interactive components related to impaired and other physical effects of making poor choices from using alcohol or other drugs.

Youth Rallies

Regional events designed for sixth-grade students in the UNITE service region. Rallies inspire youth to make good decisions and inspire students to join UNITE Clubs and participate in prevention initiatives, such as Camp UNITE.

Coalition Symposiums

Regional events for members of UNITE Community Coalitions to share prevention strategies and education programs that empower communities and raise awareness about substance misuse and addiction.

Vaping & E-cigs

Vaping, E-cigarettes, and JUULs are part of the trending topic for substance abuse and misuse across the nation. Two programs – one tailored for middle and high school and the other for adults – examine the facts.

“Life With A Record”

A school assembly program for seventh-grade students and above examining the criminal justice system and how seemingly harmless acts can impact their futures.

WISE (Why Internet Safety is Essential)

A classroom program designed for students in grades 4-6 examining the potential threats and influences from on-line and social media activity.

NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program®)

UNITE provides funding assistance to start or continue school archery clubs for students in grades 4-12, or to provide the “On Target For Life” physical education curriculum.

“I Am UNITE” Scholarships

Privately-funded $1,500 scholarships for post-secondary education expenses for youth who have been involved in UNITE Clubs, Camp UNITE, or who have been impacted by substance abuse.

HOFNOD (Hooked On Fishing-Not On Drugs®)

UNITE provides funding assistance for UNITE Coalitions to offer this year-round or summertime mentoring program for youth created by the Future Fisherman Foundation.

The First Tee®

A youth development program that builds character, instills life-enhancing values, and promotes healthy choices through the game of golf.

Drug-Free Workplace Training

Free training for employees and staff on substance use disorders, signs of drug use, workplace impacts, finding support services, and employee assistance programs.

Drug Tip Line

UNITE provides a 24-hour Drug Tip Line – 1-866-424-4382 – as a way for residents to anonymously report suspicious activity in its service region.

UNITE Law Enforcement

In addition to drug investigations at all levels, UNITE detectives are engaged with youth prevention initiatives, community education programs, and support treatment and recovery initiatives.

“Give Me A Reason”

Free saliva-based drug testing kits provided to parents/caregivers as a way to help youth resist peer pressure to use drugs.

Medication Drop Boxes & DEA Take-Back Days

Regional sites where expired or unused prescription pills and non-liquid over-the-counter medications may be dropped off for proper disposal.

Rx and Illicit Drug Summit

The largest national collaboration of those impacted by the opioid crisis to formulate solutions and share ideas.

Accidental Dealer

A community-based education program on the importance of properly storing prescription and over-the-counter medications to prevent diversion or theft.

Treatment & Recovery

Treatment Referral & Help Line

Connecting individuals and families in the 32-county UNITE service region with treatment and support options – 1-866-90-UNITE (1-866-908-6483).

Treatment Vouchers

Financial assistance provided to individuals in the UNITE service area for residential treatment of a substance use disorder.

KY HELP Call Center

Connecting individuals and families in Kentucky with treatment and support resources for substance use disorders – 1-8338-KY-HELP (1-833-859-4357).

Casey’s Law

A Kentucky law providing a means of intervening with an adult who is unable to recognize his or her need for substance use treatment due to their impairment.

Angel Initiative

The Kentucky State Police Angel Initiative enables anyone battling a substance use disorder to obtain immediate assistance in finding a residential treatment program without fear of retribution.

Help is Available

UNITE works closely to support programs for those with a substance use disorder and their families. This page provides quick links to these programs.

Hope Wall

Display featuring approximately 200 individuals who are now in recovery and living sober lives, providing inspiration that hope is possible.

Stories of Hope

Testimonials from individuals who have completed treatment from a substance use disorder, many with a UNITE voucher, and are now enjoying a renewed life as they continue their recovery journey.

Recovery Kentucky

Recovery Kentucky centers help people recover from addiction and help them gain control of their lives to eventually reside in permanent housing.

After-care Programs

UNITE supports a variety of after-care programs through its coalitions and Drug Courts, and maintains a comprehensive listing of active support groups.

Speciality Courts

Instead of spending time in jail, eligible participants complete a substance abuse program supervised by a judge. The Kentucky Drug Court operates under the Kentucky Department of Specialty Courts within the Administrative Office of the Courts.