Hooked On Fishing, Not On Drugs®

You don’t have to be an avid outdoorsman to get youth Hooked On Fishing-Not On Drugs® (HOFNOD).

Parents, older siblings and anyone who likes to fish are encouraged to participate. Anyone can take a child fishing or serve as their mentor. A love for children is the main ingredient for success.

Designed for ages 5 and up, this on-going program places caring adults in a mentoring relationships with youth to provide a fun alternative to using drugs while teaching youth fishing and conservation skills. UNITE provides free training for adult facilitators and assists coalitions with start-up costs.

Pike County drew hundreds of youth to its third HOFNOD fishing tournament on May 20, 2019. Click image to view a PikeTV Facebook video and learn more about the HOFNOD program.

There is a large need for positive youth activities in Southeastern Kentucky. So many of our children do not have positive role models.

Addiction is a family disease. When children are around drugs they are more likely to begin using drugs. Fishing generates communication among friends and families and provides individuals a chance to discuss problems. In addition, fishing provides a special bond between the parent/guardian and child, can offer personal challenge and prestige among peers, and is an inexpensive activity.