LONDON – The London Residence Agency of the Drug Enforcement Administration has been named a recipient of Operation UNITE’s “Rising Above” Award for inspiring leadership in the field of law enforcement.

The award was presented by Gil Kerlikowske, White House Director for Drug Policy, and Fifth District Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers during a celebration dinner at the London Community Center Wednesday, February 23.

“The London Resident Agency of the Drug Enforcement Administration has been an invaluable resource not only to Operation UNITE, but numerous other city and county agencies that don’t have the ability to combat illegal drug trafficking on their own,” said Dan Smoot, law enforcement director for UNITE.

“Agents and Task Force Officers are in daily contact with UNITE Detectives to monitor the progress of street level cases as they grow in to mid and upper level investigations,” Smoot continued. “These cases have developed in to numerous Title III investigations that have ultimately disrupted or dismantled Drug Trafficking Organizations located within the Eastern Kentucky.”

Accepting the award were Assistant Special Agent In Charge Tom Gorman and Residence Agent In Charge Kyle Scott.