For about 20 years, Cindy Hoskins battled addiction. It started with marijuana and alcohol, then moved to other drugs. She also had problems with depression and lost her husband 14 years ago.

But it was a social services matter with the court that changed her life. After she failed a urine test, Cindy had the choice of six months in jail or six months in rehab. She chose treatment, and it has made all the difference.

Cindy hadn’t worked for about 13 years. She wasn’t there mentally and emotionally for her 3 children or her other family members. She was in a physically abusive relationship.

Going to long-term treatment at Hope City with the help of a UNITE Treatment Voucher changed her life.

“Life has been drastically different,” Cindy says. “I no longer have depression. I am content with life and my future.”

She never went back to her house in East Bernstadt. She sold it as a final break from her old life and the drug dealer down the road.

Cindy had been working at Hope City as a part-time peer support counselor and was recently hired full time as a secretary.

“Hope City makes room for us after treatment – helps us find housing, jobs. We still have support, which is important. I love this place. It changed my life. This faith-based rehab taught me how to trust and have faith in God again. I learned to give all my pain and suffering to God.”