Hello, my name is William Noble. I am a child of the one true King in heaven. My story begins on March 6,1984. I was born in Hazard. My father was an addict of a variety of drugs. I can’t really remember much about my mother except her fighting with my father.

Before I was 5-years-old, I was introduced to trauma of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse.

I tried to take my own life by taking different kinds of over-the-counter medications. The trauma continued until I got big enough to fight back the summer of my sixth grade year.

The life of using constantly then led to selling drugs. I got locked up for the first time at 13, then I got escorted out of high school the last time I was arrested. I was given the option of being locked up until I was 21 or go to live with my dad, so that is what I did. My father was still an addict, so I began selling drugs for him and eventually using again.

By the time I went to the Army, I was getting out of control — letting my hate, fear, and anger drive me. I was kicked out of the Army for a physical altercation with someone in my platoon. My commanding officer said I was more like a gangster instead of a soldier. I was discharged from the Army and was getting high before I left the base.

I started back on that downward spiral again, but out of the blue, my recruiter called and got me into the National Guard. But alcohol slowly started controlling me, and then the pot usage returned.

I tested positive for marijuana twice in a row, which ended military career. About a year later, my marriage came to end after I caught my wife cheating on me.

Selling drugs came back into my life. During this time, I had a son, but I continued with the insanity of selling drugs and running from the law for what seems like forever — until April 2018. My lifestyle and greed cost me all that I held close. Everything I loved I had thrown away. While I was locked up, my son was badly abused physically.

My plan was to do 75 days of treatment, then go kill the ones who had harmed my son. But a couple of weeks after arriving in treatment and listening to the staff members, I realized I had to change for the benefit of my son. They guided me and directed me to find and surrender to our Lord Savior in heaven.

My broken relationships have been restored. I am about to get married and graduate from the peer support academy. I am able to give back what God’s love has given me. Currently, I am an intern at Ashland TLC. Since I arrived in third phase of treatment with the help of a UNITE voucher, I have not stop growing and striving to achieve more out of my life each and every day.