WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Rep. Harold “Hal” Rogers (KY-05) applauds the U.S. Department of Justice for investing more than $2.4 million to help the Kentucky State Police save lives and combat the methamphetamine and opioid abuse epidemic. Nationwide, the Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) is awarding nearly $42 million in grant funding through the COPS Anti-Methamphetamine Program (CAMP) and Anti-Heroin Task Force (AHTF) program to support state-level law enforcement agencies in combating the illegal manufacturing and distribution of methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil, and prescription opioids. 

“The opioid abuse epidemic did not stop as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, some states are reporting increases in overdose death rates since the pandemic began, so we must be vigilent in our efforts to stop powerful painkillers from infiltrating our streets again,” said Congressman Rogers, cofounder of the Congressional Caucus on Prescription Drug Abuse. “We have been making great strides in our joint life-saving efforts in Southern and Eastern Kentucky, thanks to the comprehensive efforts of law enforcement, medical professionals, educators and other community leaders. This funding will support and improve ongoing efforts to stop illegal drugs from entering our communities.”

Drug overdose deaths and opioid-involved deaths continue to increase in the United States. Deaths from drug overdose are up among both men and women, all races, and adults of nearly all ages, with more than three out of five drug overdose deaths involving an opioid. More than 130 people die every day in the United States after overdosing on opioids, while methamphetamine continues to be one of the most commonly misused stimulant drugs in the world and is the drug that most contributes to violent crime.

“The scourge of opioid and methamphetamine use continues to take a devastating toll on our nation’s communities,” said COPS Office Director Phil Keith. “By providing these resources to law enforcement to help combat the further spread, the COPS Office is demonstrating our commitment to this Administration’s priority of reducing drug use and protecting our citizens from this public health and safety crisis.”

For more information about Congressman Rogers’ efforts to address the nation’s drug abuse crisis, visit halrogers.house.gov.